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Contest Rules and Judging Info

Song & Music
Contestant must provide CD backing track to sing to. You may use a commercially produced one, or record your own. Your CD may include background singers and/or harmonies. Total length of your song may not exceed 5 minutes. Lyrics must not contain any profanity. The song and lyrics must be memorized. (No video screen will be used.)
Qualifying Rounds
All qualifying rounds are held at the city level. Each city MUST be registered with Minnesota Sings and pay the entrance fee of $100.00 to be considered as official entrants in the State Finals. Each city will decide how, when and where to hold their events. Contestants must compete at the City level to be considered a representative and must adhere to the requirements and rules determined by the city contest.
To be eligible for the Minnesota Sings Finals, you must: 
1.Compete at a registered city level competition OR be named a representative by a registered city. 
2. Youth Division contestants must be at least 13 but no older than 20 years of age ON the date of the Minnesota Sings Final, which is September 26, 2020. (Contestants must not be younger than 13 or older than 20 on that date, regardless of their age when they qualified at the city level for that division).  Contestants 21 and older will compete in the 21 & older division.
3. Contestant must provide a CD of their backing music to participate in each level of competition. 
4. Only individual contestants are eligible, sorry no multiple singers or additional instruments may be used. 
​5. One winner from each division will compete, so be sure winners meet eligibility requirements .

NOTE: Once a contestant has won First Place at Minnesota Sings, he/she is not eligible to compete again. So, a new First  place winner is chosen every year.


Judging at the Minnesota Sings Finals will be conducted by a combination of  performers, instructors and members of the music industry. We have provided a sample of the the judges scoring sheet. cityjudgesscoresheet_sample.pdf This is the same criteria that should be used at each city sings competition.
Vocalists will be judged based on the criteria listed below and will receive judge's brief comments immediately following their performance. All judges' decisions are final.

  1. Vocal Skills: Includes pitch, breath control, dynamics, phrasing, enunciation and tone.

  2. Presentation Skills:  Includes eye contact, body expression, facial expression, attire, and microphone technique.

  3. Audience Response to Performance: Based on judge's observation

  4. Judge's Overall Impression of your Performance: At discretion of judges

  5. Choice of Material: Singer chose proper song to showcase their abilities


We require all Judges to reside OUTSIDE of Minnesota.  Our judges are carefully selected to assure the most equitable judging team possible. Historically, our judges have represented wide ranges of backgrounds and experience ranging from Broadway, choral direction, world opera stage and naturally touring music group.   Information on this years judges will be posted soon.