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Safety update

Updated: Oct 13

Health Safety for the Minnesota Sings Event

--If you are not vaccinated, masks ARE REQUIRED---for everyone else we encourage masks.

--The hotel has a sanitizing station in the Rivers Ballroom. In addition, there will be bottles of hand sanitizer in the room.

--For seating in the Rivers Ballroom, seating capacity will be reduced in order to implement social distancing. Priority will be given to family, then friends of performers who are in the current group, then, if space remains, others can be seated.

--Following each performance, the microphones used by the singers will be sanitized. (We will be rotating two identical mics)

--While in the Green Room, the singers will be socially distanced and have hand sanitizer available. Masks are encouraged in the Green Room unless they have not been vaccinated--then they ARE REQUIRED.

--There will be no paper programs this year. Instead, all pertinent information will be viewed on various video screens in the Rivers Ballroom.

-- We ask that anyone who thinks they may be sick, please do not attend the event. We will provide the results and plenty of pictures for those who cannot attend. There will be social media updates throughout the two days and more will be added to our website: www.minnesotasings.com


Chuck Spavin

Lead Volunteer

Minnesota Sings


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