Contestant Info

Backing Tracks

Since all singers will be providing a backing track to accompany them, please be sure yours works on a CD player not just in your computer. They should be CD-R, not +R. If you are looking for a new song, Amazon Tunes, iTunes and several other sites online feature thousands of titles. Be sure it is in your key before you buy it!

My City Pride Poster

We'd like to have each contestant from the 13-20 age group make a poster that shows what your city looks like or is famous for. You can do a collage, put photos of places in town, show where your city is on a map, draw, paint, scrapbook, or whatever you want to make your hometown the best place to sing for. You can get resources from your Chamber or school, but be creative and give your town a shout out for sending you to the Finals. Bring this with you to the Finals and we will place them all around the main ballroom.

A winner will be chosen and they will receive $200 cash!


Contestants should check the Latest News & Updates Page often for any new information.  You can also subscribe to our Facebook page or Twitter Feed for updates as well.