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Details in a Nutshell

Minnesota Sings is a competition between cities throughout Minnesota that is designed for amateur vocalists ages 15-25 AND 26 and over.  Each city hosts their own "Sings" event (ex: "Warroad Sings" "Buffalo Sings") to determine who will represent them at the State Finals Event in September.

275 cities have been invited to the competition and we are only able to accommodate 100 vocalists.  First come first served so register today!

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Questions & Answers

Q. How long has Minnesota Sings been taking place?

A. Under the Minnesota Sings name, this is our sixth year. Overall however, this is the tenth

year of competition. The first four years the event was called Hastings Sings.

Q. Is the event truly statewide?

A. Yes, it is. We mail invitations to 275 Chambers of Commerce and city halls covering every

corner of our great state.

Q. You state the competition is for amateur vocalists, who do you consider to be professional?

A. If 30% or more of your income last year came from singing, you are not eligible to compete.

Q. What does a sponsor do and who is eligible to be a sponsor?

A. The sponsor is the entity responsible for putting on your “Sings” event and paying the $90

registration fee. Often times it is the Chamber of Commerce, but it could also be a local service club in town such as Optimist, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, etc. It could also be a local business. There is a financial reward for the sponsor should any of the contestants they sponsor win 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. 1st place – The sponsor wins $1,000., 2nd place - $750, 3rd place - $500, 4th place - $250 and this applies to both divisions. So a sponsor could win a maximum of $2,000 fortheir $90 investment.

Q. How is this different from a karaoke contest?

A. The song they choose to sing has to be memorized. There isn’t a video screen on stage

running the words past them. The contestant has to provide the backing track burned onto a

CD. The song cannot exceed 5 minutes and there can be no profanity in the words.

Q. I understand that some money goes to charity?

A. Whoever wins 1st place in each division gets a bonus check for $1,000 that they get to

present to their favorite hometown charity. So between the two divisions, $2,000 goes to