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Interested in Hosting a Minnesota Sings Event?

Interested in hosting a Minnesota Sings competition in your city? 
Each Chamber of Commerce in Minnesota received an invitation to send a local representative to our competition. Please note: If the local Chamber does not choose to hold a contest, Minnesota Sings will allow alternate sponsors to either hold a contest or sponsor an individual to represent their community. Minnesota Sings will contact the Chamber to provide them with the name of the singer that with compete at the Finals held this year in Woodbury on Saturday September 26th and Sunday, September 27th, 2020.

Hosting a singing competition is a great addition to any city or town festival, fair or community gathering. It's fun, local entertainment for the whole family to enjoy!  If your area chamber did not receive information, please express your interest in a local contest and have them contact us as soon as possible. We'd love to have a contestant registered for your community soon! To learn more, or request an information packet, please contact us.

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